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Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives
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Sadhuji (K.I. Mathai), Jobji (M.P. Job- Later Rev.  J.P. Moothedath), and Chandyji ( Rev. K.K. Chandy) founded the Christavashram Community in 1934.
This community with its motto, “Thy Kingdom Come” attempts to live in love (Agape-Nonviolence), with the values and standards of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount in the spirit of the early christian community.
Members pledge themselves to give up private property and to have “all things common”. It is a total commitment under God to each other.
In obedience to Christ’s commandment, “Love God with all your heart...and love your neighbour as yourself ”, service to one’s fellow beings and not individual gain, is sought to be the essential motive of all activities of the Ashram.

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Community Members - An Old Photo
Community Members with Late Acharya Chandiji & Mary Chandi , Late Sevak T.G.Joseph & Lysamma Joseph

The community consists of 120 people including members, staff and children  of the Kerala Balagram , staff and trainees of the Gurukul Ecumenical Institute and Peace Centre staying in the campus, and 30 Associate members  living outside.
The sources of income for the Community are its agricultural and dairy farms, and contributions from Associate members and friends. All members are commited to contributing “Bread labour”, and all earnings go to a common pool from where the  needs of members are met. Any honorarium received either from the Ashram’s own institutions or from outside also goes to the “Common purse”.

Christavashram, Manganam P.O., Kottayam, Kerala - 686018, India.
Tel: +91481-2570701