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'A Sweet Village for destitute children'

Kerala Balagram

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The new additions to our family

The Kerala Balagram (Boys Village, Kerala) consists of homes for destitute and delinquent children. This,  a major activity of the Ashram, was started in  1934 itself .
It has  three cottages - Shanti Bhavan, Karuna Bhavan & Maitri Bhavan,  where children and the Wardens stay. Children normally are of the general age group 5 to 18. Each cottage is under the care of a couple who serve  as House parents.The children are given general education normally up to School final, though some promising children are sent to colleges as well. All boys are taught practical skills so as to equip themselves to secure jobs for self-support before they are discharged between the ages of 18 to 20.
If you are interested to participate in any of our ministeries for Balagram, You can pray and your contribution may be sent to: Secretary, Kerala Balagram.

Destitute Children
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Kerala Balagram
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Children of Shanti Bhavan
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Destitute Children with their warden family

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